Dr. Poopak Yahyawi

Obstetrician-gynecologist & fertility specialist

Graduated from Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Obtaining specialized infertility certificates from Royan Institute
Over thousands of successful surgeries


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آیکن لابیاپلاستی


Today, labiaplasty is an outpatient surgery for women that helps the beauty of the vagina by removing the large and protruding labia. This surgery has great effects on ...

آیکن تنگ کردن واژن

Tighten the vagina

Heredity, weight changes, or multiple deliveries cause the vaginal wall and muscles to lose their strength and resistance, resulting in vaginal dilation ...

آیکن سفید کردن واژن

Vaginal whitening

Genital darkening due to wearing inappropriate and tight clothes, obesity and sticking of legs, hormonal changes, or improper correction is an annoying and upsetting complication ...

آیکن زگیل تناسلی

Genital Warts

Genital warts, which are known as sexually transmitted diseases, can affect the ducts and walls of the vagina, the area between the external genitalia and the anus, the anal canal, etc ...

آیکن زایمان سزارین

Cesarean delivery

If the pregnant woman is not able to give birth naturally and the delivery conditions threaten the life of the mother or the fetus, it is necessary to take this action through cesarean delivery ...

آیکن زایمان طبیعی

Vaginal delivery

In Vaginal delivery, the baby is pulled out through the vagina and the opening prepared by the surgeon and is born. Today, natural childbirth is performed by ...

Obstetrician-gynecologist & fertility specialist

Dr. Poopak Yahyawi

By performing all kinds of cosmetic surgeries (labiaplasty, vaginal tightening, vaginal whitening) with the best methods and techniques in the world, he is a graduate of Tehran University of Medical Sciences and course obtaining specialized infertility certificates from Royan Institute, which are his main honors. Participate in women’s beauty training courses as a teacher in teaching various fields of women and beauty.

دکتر پوپک یحیوی

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